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Naturspired™ Podcast | Sustainable Fashion

The Naturspired™ Podcast is driven by a passion to educate and inspire brands, industry professionals and consumers alike to adopt sustainable strategies into their business and personal lives.

What is Naturspired?

We want to spark systematic change that completely disrupts the current fashion industry. Our mission is to make sustainability not only a nice thing to do but just common sense - for consumers, brands and everyone else.

We’re here to help fashion brands build businesses that inspire the industry to take collective, material action towards a better more transparent future with sustainable fashion consulting and coaching.

It’s time to take action Inspired by nature and change the fashion industry from the inside out.

Episodes come out biweekly and show notes can be found on our podcast page.

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EP24: [Interview] The World's First Biodegradable Waterproof Fabric Made From Banana Plants
Show Details33min 43s
EP23: What The SHEIN Stats Say About Fast Fashion
Show Details13min 15s
EP22: [Interview] What About Underwear? - Talking About The Base Layer With UK Circular Brand ONE Essentials
Show Details34min 26s
EP21: 4 Transparency Practices That Could Change Fashion If Implemented
Show Details14min
EP20: Who Is In Charge of Ending Greenwashing In Fashion?
Show Details10min 27s
EP19: [Self Fridays] How To Implement Balance & Focus In Your Life
Show Details8min 52s
EP18: 5 Key Marketing Tips For Growing a Sustainable Brand
Show Details14min 39s
EP17: [Interview] What Is Circularity & Pre-Consumer Textile Waste? - With FABCYCLE
Show Details29min 8s
EP16: [Self Fridays] Are You Doing What You Love?
Show Details12min 30s
EP15: How To Build a Simple Business That Works For YOU + My Experience
Show Details7min 50s
EP14: Why Transparency Is So Important For Fashion + The Fashion Act
Show Details13min 16s
Ep13: [Self Fridays] How To Thrive Through Growing Pains
Show Details11min 40s
Ep12: Why Sustainable Materials Won't Save Fashion
Show Details9min 37s
Ep11: [Interview] The Impact of Mass Production - With The Velvet Underground
Show Details32min 16s
Ep10: [Self Fridays] Do Something That Gives You Butterflies
Show Details6min
Ep09: What Makes Clothes Fully Sustainable? (DETAILED: PRODUCTION & MATERIALS)
Show Details19min 45s
Ep08: Is "Sustainability" Losing Its Meaning?
Show Details11min 55s
Ep07: 5 Ways To Differentiate Your Fashion Brand
Show Details11min
Ep06: Is Sustainable Business Profitable? The Link Between Sustainability + Business [Article Audio]
Show Details20min 52s
Ep05: Essential Steps To Building A Strong Sustainable Brand
Show Details15min 10s
Ep04: How To Start Your Sustainable Fashion Journey [Article Audio]
Show Details25min 28s
Ep02: Brand Impact & Responsibility In The Fashion Industry
Show Details18min 54s
Ep01: Greenwashing Signs To Avoid [Article Audio]
Show Details17min 5s
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Show Details1min 30s