S3E15 Speech Sessions with Abigail and Sasha - Discussing our Favourite Purpose and Passion Speeches

1h 12m | Nov 9, 2021

Welcome to our 2nd Speech Session where we highlight amazing speeches based on a theme. This episode’s theme is Purpose & Passion and along with our community members, Sasha and Abigail, we have curated a list of our top Purpose and Passion speeches. So what we will do is introduce the speech, play our chosen snippet, talk about the context of the speech, and the speaker’s style. There are some you may know and others may enjoy discovering as we go through the episode.

Speeches Discussed:

  1. Chadwick Boseman - Howard University Commencement Speech 2018:
  2. Lady Gaga's speech at ELLE's 25th annual Women in Hollywood event (2018):
  3. Beyoncé Knowles, Dear Class of 2020:
  4. Denzel Washington - University of Pennsylvania (2011) Commencement speech:
  5. Taylor Swift accepting the Woman of the Decade Award:
  6. Elizabeth Gilbert's TedTalk on Success, failure and the drive to keep creating:
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