S3E5 Malaysia, Did you know? - A Merdeka Quiz Show Special!

46m | Aug 29, 2021

In this Seek to Speak's Merdeka Special entitled, 'Malaysia, did you know?', we will take you through 3 quiz show segments centered around Malaysian history, past achievements, and our amazing rakyat! In every segment, our guests will have to answer Malaysian trivia while our listeners learn and laugh along the way! From true or false questions on our independence to guessing quotes from famous Malaysians to reimagining memorable moments in history! This is definitely the episode to listen to in order to celebrate our independence and cherish all things Malaysian!

In true Merdeka fashion, you will learn about our past successes historical figures that you didn't even know about, and hear us (dreadfully!) re-enact Malaysian history. This is definitely an episode where you will laugh, learn, and even get inspired along the way!

Big props to community members, Maslin & Alison, as well as a friend to the community, Ikram, for their input on this episode! Tell us a fun fact about Malaysia below! We would love to hear from you!

Lisa Kamal's Wisconsin Speech Link:

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