S3E9 Mental Health Special 1: How the pandemic and gender roles affected suicide rates in Malaysia

28m | Sep 27, 2021

TW/CW: Suicidal ideation, Domestic abuse, and Self-harm.

In conjunction with World Mental Health Day happening on 10 of October as well as Suicide Prevention Day that passed on the 10th of September, we will be presenting a 4-part podcast special dedicated to normalizing conversations about mental health. In part 1 today, you will be hearing from Dina Murad, a reporter of a local newspaper who recently covered the issue of mental health and increased suicide rates during the pandemic. You will also be hearing from Dr Stephen Jambunathan, the Medical Director and senior clinical psychiatrist with the Mind Faculty who specializes in trauma, OCD, ADHD and depression.

In this episode, Dina and Dr Stephen will discuss the reasons behind the recent spike of suicide cases in Malaysia, the role that gender plays in the numbers we are seeing, how to spot signs of suicidal risk in loved ones as well as what we can do to help those in need.

Next week, we will be speaking to SUHAKAM, the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia as well as the youth-led collective, MISI Solidariti, on the issue of decriminalizing suicide.

DISCLAIMER: This episode should not be taken as medical advice and you should still consult your own mental health care provider for help.

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