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The Tough Cut Podcast

The Tough Cut Podcast follows three good friends as each week they talk about movies in a tournament style bracket.


Ep. 80: Looong Movies III - "Zoop the House"
Show Details53min 56s
Ep. 79: Looong Movies II - "Jake is the Whaling Boy"
Show Details56min 10s
Ep. 78: Looong Movies I - "500 Followers"
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 77: Jack Black IV - "We Feud With iCarly"
Show Details52min 51s
Ep. 76: Jack Black Kung-Fu Interlude - "The Hell Dimension"
Show Details40min 40s
Ep. 75: Jack Black III - "Big TiVo"
Show Details47min 56s
Ep. 74: Jack Black II - "Beauty Killed the Beast"
Hide Details58min 8s

The time has come for part two of the Jack Black bracket and with it, a long-awaited discussion--did beauty kill the beast? Find out on the latest episode of the Tough Cut Podcast. Come for the laughs stay for the hard-hitting exploration of BIG MONKEY.

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This bracket features:

  • Nacho Libre
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Jumanji
  • Goosebumps
  • Peter Jackson's King Kong
  • Be Kind, Rewind
  • School of Rock
  • Tropic Thunder
58min 8s
Published Aug 11, 2022 at 11:00am
Ep. 73: Jack Black I - "Curious Isn't It"
Show Details1hr
Ep. 72: Definitive Ad Tierlist II Feat. Ash Diggs - "Big Capital Head"
Show Details44min 44s
Ep. 71: Best Of The Worst DCEU Feat. Good Kraken - "You Gave them Nipples"
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 70: 90's Romcoms IV - "The Tough Cut Bod"
Show Details55min 40s
Ep. 69: 90's Romcoms III - "The Obvious Joke"
Show Details53min 23s
Ep. 68: 90's Romcoms II - "Maybe Turbo Should Stay Dead"
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep. 67: 90's Romcoms I - "Love and Laughs"
Show Details58min 59s
Ep. 66: Pirates IV - "I Love Captain Ron"
Show Details55min 55s
Ep. 65: Pirates III - "Vince Vaughn's Davy Jones"
Show Details53min 6s
Ep. 64: Pirates II - "Santa Pirate"
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 63: Pirates I - "Globoship Avast!"
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 62: Sonic Pitch Bonus - "Mandatory Listening"
Show Details49min 27s
Ep. 61: Oscar Season 2022 IV - "Ben Platt's Kid's Choice Award Snub"
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 60: Oscar Season 2022 III - "Many Intros"
Show Details51min 6s
Ep. 59: Oscar Season 2022 II - "The One Joke You Expect"
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep. 58: Oscar Season 2022 I - "Evan, Fabio, and Brian"
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 57: Disney Channel Originals IV - "Selling Out to the Mouse"
Show Details56min 47s
Oscars 2022 Predictions Bonus - "3rd Best Movie Podcast"
Show Details50min 45s
Ep. 56: Disney Channel Originals III - "Robomommy"
Show Details57min 5s
Ep. 55: DIsney Channel Originals II - "Mr. Hardfacts"
Show Details56min 15s
Ep. 54: Disney Channel Originals I - "Good When We Were Young"
Show Details1hr
Ep. 53: Remakes IV - "Black and White"
Show Details55min 27s
Ep. 52: Remakes III - "Hey Nasties"
Show Details53min 24s
Ep. 51: Remakes II - "The De-Yassification of the Green M&M"
Show Details57min 52s
Ep. 50: Remakes I - "Daddy Needs a New Car"
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 49: Superbowl Ad Tierlist - " is trying to eat my ass"
Show Details39min 21s
Ep. 48: Music Video Bonus - "Joke Ships Passing in the Night"
Show Details55min 34s
Ep. 47: Holiday Special II - "Willem Dafoe's Holiday Special"
Show Details42min 42s
Ep. 46: Holiday Special I - "A Very Tough Cut Christmas"
Show Details49min 14s
Ep. 45: Hungry IV - "The Turkish Delight Phase"
Show Details51min 52s
Ep. 44: Hungry III - "The Colette Rule"
Show Details57min 41s
Ep. 43: Hungry II - "The Child was an Asshole"
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 42: Hungry I - "Incomprehensible: Turn Back Now"
Show Details59min 13s
Ep. 41: Toy Story Bonus - "The Circle 7 Conspiracy"
Show Details56min 30s
Ep. 40: Scooby-Doo IV - "What on Earth is an Arnuki Beast"
Show Details58min 40s
Ep. 39: Scooby-Doo III - "How's the Dog on the Inside?"
Show Details57min 9s
Ep. 38: Scooby-Doo II - "Jake's Out Of Order"
Show Details46min 11s
Ep. 37: Scooby-Doo I - "The Scooby is Implied"
Show Details57min 12s
Ep. 36: Team-Up IV - "Biting 'Political' Commentary"
Show Details50min 54s
Ep. 35: Team-Up III - "Hot Anime Swords and Hotter Bald Men"
Show Details55min 34s
Ep. 34: Team-Up II - "The Krispy Kreme Contract"
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep. 33: Team-Up I - "The Return"
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep. 32: Crossover Bonus - "Carlisle x Osmosis Jones - A Twilight Fanfic"
Show Details47min 59s
Ep. 31: Definitive Ad Tierlist - "Badaddads: Ads about Bad Dads"
Show Details42min 26s
Ep. 30: Big Bracket IV - "The Best Worst Joke"
Show Details55min 3s
Ep. 29: Big Bracket III - "Remember When Charlie Day Said..."
Show Details47min 34s
Ep. 28: Big Bracket II - "Baby or Die!"
Show Details50min 4s
Ep. 27: Big Bracket I - "BIG JAKEY"
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 26: Pitching Pandora - "Study Abroad on Pandora"
Show Details40min 42s
Ep. 25: Movie Musicals IV - "Jake's Pocket Stenographer"
Show Details48min 54s
Ep. 24: Movie Musicals III - "Something's Going on with that Horse"
Show Details49min 40s
Ep. 23: Movie Musicals II - "Mr.Boney"
Show Details49min 21s
Ep. 22: Movie Musicals I - "Zack Synder's Mamma Mia!"
Show Details59min 45s
Ep. 21: Coming of Age IV - "Single Hot Moms in Your Area"
Show Details45min 35s
Ep. 20: Coming of Age III - "Out-Of-Bowie Experience"
Show Details52min 29s
Ep. 19: Coming of Age II - "Steve Carell is a Naughty Daddy"
Show Details58min 59s
Ep. 18: Coming of Age I - "Age is Coming"
Show Details1hr
Ep. 17: Oscar Season IV - "Skol!"
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 16: Oscar Season III - "Our Sweet 16"
Show Details55min 17s
Ep. 15: Oscar Season II - "Eat Your Heart Out Industry"
Show Details58min 18s
Ep. 14: Oscar Season I - "Can you Believe That Won?"
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep. 13: Goosebumps Extravaganza Feat. Ash Diggs - "Oh God, He Means That"
Show Details53min 17s
Ep. 12: Nicholas Cage IV - "Four Cages and a Gator"
Show Details56min 18s
Ep. 11: Nicholas Cage III - "Very Little Oversight"
Show Details44min 22s
Ep. 10: Nicholas Cage II - "60% More Cheese"
Show Details52min 46s
Ep. 9: Nicholas Cage I - "Cagisms"
Show Details57min 36s
Ep. 8: Animal Protagonist IV - "It's Don not Dan"
Show Details48min 23s
Ep. 7: Animal Protagonist III - "A Portrait of a Matthew on Fire"
Show Details51min 29s
Ep. 6: Animal Protagonist II - "Richard Parker is the Tiger"
Show Details50min 53s
Ep. 5: Animal Protagonist I - "The Wizarding World of Paddington Bear"
Show Details51min 8s
Ep. 4: Sequel Showdown IV - "British School Boy"
Show Details56min 27s
Ep. 3: Sequel Showdown III - "Starbucks and Old Navy"
Show Details48min 34s
Ep. 2: Sequel Showdown II - "The Ape Cinematic Universe"
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 1: Sequel Showdown I - "Where's Rachel"
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep. 0: Welcome to the Tough Cut
Show Details1min 5s