S2.4 Creator Institute Professor Eric Koester on Super Mentors: Getting Extraordinary People to Help You

Season 2 | Episode 4
38m | Apr 25, 2023

The rules of mentorship have changed. Did you get the memo? I didn't. That is, until I read Eric Koester's new book, Super Mentors: The Ordinary Person's Guide to Asking Extraordinary People for Help. In this episode, Eric teaches us why the old approach to mentorship is no longer relevant, and what effective mentorship looks like today.

Join us to learn the new rules of seeking out, reaching out, and getting life changing help from extraordinary people. Our conversation is packed with actionable advice, including what to ask, who to ask, and how to overcome your fear of asking, even your biggest idols, for assistance.

Eric is an entertaining storyteller, sharing his personal experiences mentoring others, research into mentorship best-practices and the #1 secret to engaging extraordinary people in your success.

Tune in now to learn how to assemble not just one, but a whole team of mentors that will gladly help you take your business or career to the next level.

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