S2.1 Turn the Chakras Upside Down to Create Your Masterpiece

Season 2 | Episode 1
39m | Mar 14, 2023

Do you have a book, a passion project, or a business idea that is stuck in your head? Are you looking for a system to help move your creative ideas from the realm of the imagination to physical reality? 

If so, you’re going to love today's guest, Emily Tamaya Meyer. 

Emily teaches us that turning the chakras upside down is the path to creativity. Usually chakra practices begin at the root and work upward, but Emily explains how, and why, when it comes to creation, you start at the Crown Chakra, where your divine inspiration comes from, and work down. 

Whether you are a new or seasoned creator, listen now to learn this fresh approach to turning the chakras upside down to create your masterpiece.

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