S2.3 Exploring the Myths We Believe with Daniel Pink: Small Changes, Ambiverts, and the Power of Regret

33m | Apr 11, 2023

In this episode, legendary thought leader Daniel Pink and I debunk conventional wisdom on a range of topics. We start out chatting about Pink's former TV show Crowd Control for teaching behavioral science principles in an entertaining way, highlighting the importance of communicating the reasons behind rules and humanizing those affected by them. Then we discuss the myth of extroversion being necessary for sales, with ambiverts shown to be the most effective. We also explore a little know trick for smarter "self-talk" when you want to hype yourself up for better performance. We close the discussion by exploring Dan's latest research on regrets. The four main regret categories - foundation, boldness, moral, and connection regrets - with ideas for how you can harness your past regrets to avoid future ones!

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