• 01 - Everything Good Starts With a Song

    EPISODE 01: Welcome to Cucina Mafia! Every great show has a theme song, and that's why we turned to trusted friends to write and perform an original tune for the podcast. In this episode, Edoardo introduces us to Diego, Marco, and Alfredo as they sing in their one of a kind styles while Gia and Riccardo judge the intricacies of the performances. Who do you think will win?

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    ABOUT CUCINA MAFIA: Hosted by chef and owner Edoardo Baldi, Cucina Mafia shares a behind the scenes look at e.baldi in Beverly Hills, California - featuring playful conversations about food, wine, and the lives of those who make the restaurant feel like home. What will you have to drink?

    35m - Mar 12, 2023
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Cucina Mafia with Edoardo Baldi