Episode 034 - Everything You Want to Know About Barbicide, but Don't Know Who to Ask! - Interview with Ivan Zoot

59m | Oct 19, 2023

That blue stuff in the jar... I've got so many questions....

About this episode...

IF WE'RE BEING HONEST... How many of us Barbers REALLY know the right way to use Barbicide?

Yeah.... me, neither.

Ivan Zoot breaks it all down for us - and if you have ever attended one of his classes or been at any of the hair shows and Barber expos where he is involved, you know that he explains things in a way that we can't POSSIBLY forget it!

In this episode:

  • Ivan spreads The Gospel of Education of Barbicide
  • How most Barbers are using too much and wasting money
  • What happens when tools are left in Barbicide for hours or even overnight
  • Getting caught disinfecting
  • The definitive "How to Use Barbicide"
  • What else Ivan is up to, including his newest book!

About my Guest

Ivan Zoot is a widely known and highly respected Barber who holds World Records in haircutting and has written over a dozen books on the subject of growing a Barbering business. Ivan has developed and brought tools into the Barbering world, and is sought after to teach classes and to MC the educational portions of Barber expos across the country.

Contact my Guest

If you have questions for Ivan, or would Like to get in his chair, reach out to him:

Instagram: @ivanzoot



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