Why do people cry? - Late night thoughts

Season 3 | Episode 9
4m | Oct 14, 2022

Why do people cry?

Why do people produce liquid that falls down their face from their eyes?

Some say pain, 

An emotion of hurt so deep your voice alone can’t explain.

Some say joy.

True happiness that makes you speechless and so emotional your eyes begin to leak out oil.

Some say fear,

Not knowing if, who, when or how to go about something and it makes you feel powerless, a feeling that brings despair 

I wonder sometimes

If all tears are the same in their essence for all emotions. 

If they flowed the same, tasted the same, came from the same source.

Did they have individual elements of fear, joy or pain in them separately. 

I wonder sometimes, 

I wonder what goes on on the inside

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