The Business Kids Podcast

We talk to real people, not their job title. A podcast dedicated to providing students with easy to absorb information about various industries in an entertaining way. Join Jesus and Seba every Tuesday as they chat with guests ranging from fellow students to experts about business, self improvement and advice to students.


Getting the Job 101
Show Details36min 53s
How to Reduce Food Waste and Fix Your Diet with Monique Chan
Show Details39min 25s
Track 10: Phillip Zhong
Show Details36min 43s
Track 9: Jess Waslenko
Show Details22min 41s
Track 8: Annie Luong
Show Details29min 14s
Track 7: Matt McCoy
Show Details36min
Track 6: Jethro Kwan
Show Details1hr 2min
Track 5: Jimmy Chan
Show Details54min 14s
Track 4: Sean Moxon
Show Details50min 48s
Track 3: Jessica Lin
Show Details51min 58s
Track 2: Mahad Shahzad
Show Details46min 44s
Track 1: Anika Peng
Show Details59min 24s