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Clip: Brian Edwards takes Bearcats over SMU Sat 10 24
Show Details1min 52s
Clip: TJ takes Pitt as double digit dog vs ND 10 24
Show Details1min 20s
Full Ep: Tiki Barber on Giants/Eagles Thurs and more 10 22 20
Show Details1hr 2min
Full Ep: Ryan Folwer and Marquis Johns talking Bama and Boxing
Show Details1hr 20min
Clip: Why Brian Edwards likes Syracuse at home Saturday
Show Details2min 29s
Clip: OU Legendary Coach Barry Switzer on strangest OU TX game ever 10 9
Show Details2min 15s
Full Ep: Legendary Oklahoma Coach Barry Switzer 10 8 20
Show Details1hr 31min
Clip: TJ and Brian debate Boston College getting pts vs UNC
Show Details2min 13s
Full Ep: Charles Davis of the NFL on CBS 10 1 20
Show Details1hr 36min
Clip: TJ and Brian debate Dolphins as Thursday doggie
Show Details1min 13s
Full Ep: JT the Brick and Jonathan Grella 9 24 20
Show Details1hr 10min
Clip: TJ takes Georgia Tech as home doggie 9 19 20
Show Details2min 4s
Clip: Brian leans to LA Tech at Southern Miss 9 19 20
Show Details1min 30s
Full Ep: Jason Cole on new Elway Book and Mark Ennis on LOU-Miami 9 17 20
Show Details1hr 28min
Full Ep: NFL is back with Jason T.C. and Tyler 9 10 20
Show Details1hr 7min
Clip: Brian loves Navy as home dog Labor Day night
Show Details2min 30s
Clip: TJ & Brian debate Ark. St. getting 19 pts at Memphis
Show Details3min 27s
Full Ep: Anthony Becht helps preview college and NFL
Show Details1hr 19min
Full Ep: Sal Capaccio and Gary Segars talk NFL 8 27 20
Show Details1hr 4min
Full Ep: Brett McMurphy of Stadium on CFB cancellation mayhem
Show Details1hr 20min
Full Ep: College Football Cancellation mayhem 8 13 20
Show Details1hr 7min
Clip: Brian Edwards says Orlando Overs are rolling
Show Details1min 40s
Clip: Brian Edwards loves Blazers coming in West
Show Details59s
Full Ep: Chris Plank & Vince Ferrara on CFB scheduling chaos
Show Details1hr 9min
Clip: Brian Edwards on Friday Dal-Hou & Portland healthier
Show Details2min 1s
Clip: Brian Edwards- stay FAR away from large U'Dog Nets
Show Details1min 29s
Clip: Brian Edwards loves the over in NO-Utah 7 30 20
Show Details2min 21s
Full Ep: NBA resumes with Kevin Rogers & DeShaun Tate
Show Details1hr 4min
Full Ep: Al Dukes and Chris Hrabe on MLB return 7 23 20
Show Details1hr
Full Ep: Colby Dant and Chris Fischer 7 16 20
Show Details1hr 11min
Full Ep: Jason Cole, Danielle McCartan, Will Haskett 7 9
Show Details1hr 7min
Full Ep: Brett Norsworthy Sean Green DeShaun Tate 7 2
Show Details1hr 9min
Full Ep: Craig Calcaterra on MLB Labor Fight 6 25 20
Show Details1hr 16min
Full Ep: Looney Grella and Jones talk OJ and more 6 18 20
Show Details1hr 16min
Full Ep: Jason Sobel on PGA Tour return 6 11
Show Details1hr 26min
Full Ep: Gary Segars and Author Jon Pessah 6 4
Show Details1hr 18min
Full Ep: Grant Paulsen on D.C. sports & resumptions 5 28
Show Details1hr 10min
Full Ep: Mike North and Matt Zemek talk Bulls Last Dance
Show Details1hr 44min
(Clip) TJ & Shannon spake on Sunday Nascar start back
Show Details1min 8s
(Clip) Lou Canellis on MJ coming up clutch once more
Show Details3min 1s
(Clip) Lou Canellis says blame Jerry Krause fully
Show Details2min 5s
Full Ep: Shannon Spake and Lou Canellis 5 14
Show Details1hr 9min
Full Ep: Chip Namias telling Don Shula stories 5 7 20
Show Details1hr 40min
Full Ep: NFL Draft Recap- Luke Easterling/Chris Giannini
Show Details1hr 43min
Full Ep: NFL Draft Preview-Chris Stewart and Jay Betsill
Show Details1hr 25min
Full Ep: NFL Draft with ESPN's Anthony Becht 4 16 20
Show Details1hr 16min
Full Ep Adam Zagoria on CBB shutdown/summer recruiting
Show Details1hr 9min
Full Ep No Final Four Show- Brian, Gary, TC & Sean 4 2 20
Show Details1hr 46min
Full Ep: Brian Edwards & Coach Tom Penders 3 26 20
Show Details1hr 20min
Full Ep Brian Edwards & JT The Brick on no March Tourney
Show Details1hr 1min
Gary Segars and Brian Edwards on Champ wk cancelled
Show Details26min 51s
Clip: Gary takes UCLA outright at USC Saturday
Show Details1min 36s
Clip: TJ/Brian Edwards debate Wisconsin upset chances
Show Details1min 31s
Clip: Sean Green loves TX Tech as home dog Saturday
Show Details51s
Full EP: Gary Segars and Sean Green 3 5 20
Show Details1hr 18min
Full Ep: Mike Decoury of Sporting News + Colby Dant
Show Details1hr 27min
Full Ep TC Martin on Wilder Fury + Chris Phillips 2 20 20
Show Details1hr 10min
(Clip) Colby Dant likes Tarheels in stunner against UVA
Show Details56s
(Clip) TJ and Brian debate WVU at Baylor Saturday
Show Details1min 12s
(Cilp) Brian Edwards likes Ole Miss on road vs. KY
Show Details1min 37s
Full Ep: Mark Ennis of ESPN Louisiville and Colby Dant 2 13
Show Details1hr 14min
(Clip) TJ likes St Marys at home Sat night vs Gonzaga
Show Details1min 21s
(Clip) TJ and Brian debate UNC upset chances vs Duke
Show Details1min 9s
(Full Ep) Jerry Palm of CBS Sports on Hoops Bracket
Show Details1hr 28min
(Clip) Brian Edwards discusses props on 1st TD & SB MVP
Show Details2min 20s
(Clip) Gary Segars takes San Fran in Super Bowl 54
Show Details1min 49s
(Clip) T.J. & Brian say look strongly at Kentucky at Auburn
Show Details45s
(Clip) Brian Edwards loves Cuse on Saturday
Show Details1min 13s
(Full Ep) Super Bowl preview- Jason Cole on HOF 1 30 20
Show Details1hr 30min
(Full Ep) Charles Davis of Fox/NFL Network 1 23 20
Show Details1hr 15min
(Clip) Brian Edwards says numbers point to Titans Sunday
Show Details2min 7s
(Clip) TJ & Chris disagree on if it will be 49ers blowout
Show Details2min 14s
(Clip) TJ & Chris on Derrick Henry continuing to run wild
Show Details1min 39s
(Full Ep) LSU victory & NFL Conf Champ game talk 1 16 20
Show Details1hr 14min
(Clip) TJ and Gary Segars love Clemson chances vs LSU
Show Details3min 20s
(Clip) Gary Segars also take Titans in Baltimore
Show Details2min 40s
(Clip) Brian Edwards loves getting 10 points with Titans
Show Details1min 38s
(Clip) Sean Green takes Vikings to upset 49ers
Show Details1min 36s
(Full Ep) NFL Playoffs and CFP Champ Game 1 9 20
Show Details1hr 26min
(Clip) TJ and Sal give Bills coach Sean McDermott praise
Show Details1min 48s
(Clip) Sal Capaccio on Bills QB Josh Allen carrying team
Show Details1min 42s
(Clip) Chris Giannini takes Bills to upset Houston
Show Details2min 4s
(Full Ep) NFL Playoffs/Sal Capaccio in Buffalo 1 2 20
Show Details1hr 3min
(Clip) Gary Segars believes in Ohio State Saturday
Show Details3min 5s
(Clip) Brian Edwards doesn't like either CFP doggie
Show Details2min 29s
(Clip) TJ takes USC in the Friday night Holiday Bowl
Show Details1min 30s
(Clip) Gary Segars loves Temple to upset UNC Friday
Show Details1min 19s
(Clip) Brian Edwards loves LA Tech Thursday afternoon
Show Details3min 1s
(Full Ep) Post Christmas Bowls/Last NFL Sunday show
Show Details1hr 1min
(Full Ep) Scott Hanson NFL Redzone Channel 12 19 19
Show Details1hr 21min
(Clip) Sean Green loves the Dolphins at the NY Giants
Show Details1min 26s
(Clip) Brian Edwards believes in Broncos at K.C.
Show Details1min 36s
(Clip) Chris Giannini likes Bears in rematch w/Green Bay
Show Details1min 23s
(Full Ep) Champ Sat recap/Army-Navy preview 12 12 19
Show Details1hr 42min
(Clip) Sean Green likes Baylor in Big 12 title game best
Show Details1min 2s
(Clip) Brian Edwards takes Cincinnati and points Saturday
Show Details1min 29s
(Clip) TJ and Gary Segars debate UGA chances vs. LSU
Show Details2min 40s
(Full Ep) CFB Champ Saturday preview/Underdogs 12 5 19
Show Details1hr 17min
(Clip) Sean Green thinks Bama will be fine without Tua
Show Details1min 20s
(Clip) Brian Edwards says numbers point to Ok State
Show Details20min 45s
(Clip) TJ & Brian Edwards talk Michigan upset chances
Show Details2min 10s
(Full Ep) Special Turkey Day extravaganza 11 28 19
Show Details1hr 41min
(Clip) Sean Green believes TCU will hang with Oklahoma
Show Details2min 13s
(Clip) Gary Segars sees San Diego St winning at Hawaii
Show Details2min 19s
(Clip) Gary Segars takes Texas to win outright at Baylor
Show Details1min 31s
(Clip) Brian Edwards loves AZ State as home doggie
Show Details1min 38s
(Clip) TJ & Brian Edwards love Illinois as large dog again
Show Details2min 42s
(Clip) McMurphy on Odell Haggins shot to get FSU job
Show Details2min 24s
(Clip) McMurphy says OK/OR could get hurt by CFP vote rules
Show Details3min 43s
(Clip) TJ and Brett debate 1 loss MN vs. 1 loss Bama
Show Details2min 8s
(Full Ep) Brett McMurphy of 11 21 19
Show Details1hr 36min
(Clip) Ryan Kramer loves Navy at Notre Dame
Show Details1min 1s
(Clip) Brian Edwards takes Temple at home
Show Details1min 24s
(Clip) TJ and Chris debate Auburn's chances Saturday
Show Details1min 55s
(Clip) Chris Giannini takes Baylor to upset OU
Show Details2min 13s
(Full Ep) Jason Cole on the NFL 11 14 19
Show Details1hr 27min
(Clip) Tua ankle uncertainty has Brian Edwards backing LSU
Show Details1min 47s
(Clip) Brian Edwards loves Illinois on Saturday
Show Details3min 1s
(Clip) Gary Segars takes WKU at Arkansas
Show Details2min 29s
(Clip) TJ and Gary debate FSU's underdog chances
Show Details1min 29s
(Full Ep) John Clayton 11 7 19
Show Details1hr 35min
(Clip) TJ and Chris Giannini talk USC upset chances
Show Details1min 48s
(Clip) Brian Edwards loves VA Tech at Notre Dame
Show Details1min 43s
(Clip) Brian Edwards amazed Georgia is favored
Show Details2min 24s
(Clip) Woloshin says expect lots of SMU/Memphis offense
Show Details2min 16s
(Clip) Dave Woloshin on impact of ESPN Gameday show
Show Details2min 26s
(Full Ep) Dave Woloshin Memphis Tigers radio 10 31 19
Show Details1hr 31min
(Clip) Brian Edwards believes in Oklahoma State
Show Details1min 31s
(Clip) Brian Edwards takes E Michigan in the MAC
Show Details2min 35s
(Clip) Gary Segars loves Carolina as road dog
Show Details21min 21s
(Clip) TJ and Gary Segars both like Wisconsin
Show Details1min 54s
(Clip) ESPN's Anthony Becht on how good Pats defense is
Show Details2min 44s
(Clip) ESPN's Anthony Becht's CFP Top 4 right now?
Show Details2min 38s
(Clip) ESPN's Anthony Becht FSU has to show something
Show Details2min 3s
(Full Ep) ESPN College analyst Anthony Becht 10 24 19
Show Details1hr 27min
(Clip) Chris Giannini loves Saints at Chicago
Show Details1min 26s
(Clip) T.J. and Chris Giannini agree on ASU at Utah
Show Details2min 8s
(Full Ep) Chris Giannini, Matt Zemek & Sean Green 10 17 19
Show Details1hr 11min
(Clip) Sean Green likes Iowa Saturday night vs. Penn St
Show Details2min 30s
(Clip) Gary Segars takes Gators at LSU
Show Details1min 58s
(Clip) TJ and Gary Segars debate Texas upset chances
Show Details2min 23s
(Clip) Peter Burns on Saturday night game mystique at LSU
Show Details1min 12s
(Clip) Peter Burns says Mullen factor bigger than Trask health
Show Details1min 20s
(Clip) Peter Burns surprised by large line in heated rivalry
Show Details58s
(Full Ep) Peter Burns- SEC Network 10 10 19
Show Details1hr 6min
(Clip) Chris Giannini loves BC Eagles at Louisville
Show Details1min 18s
(Clip) TJ and Sean Green debate Gators hosting Auburn
Show Details2min 12s
(Clip) Sean Green and TJ both love WVA vs. Texas
Show Details2min 42s
(Clip) Stats gives insight on Bama who he saw last week
Show Details1min 53s
(Clip) Stats Norsworthy likes Iowa at Michigan
Show Details2min 21s
(Full Ep:) Ben Maller of FSR/Brett Norsworthy Memphis 10 3 19
Show Details1hr 32min
(Clip) Sean Green takes Bucs at Rams with points
Show Details2min 1s
(Clip) Gary takes Lions to hang in with mighty K.C.
Show Details1min 58s
(Clip) Diamond Dallas Page likes how Cowboys look so far
Show Details1min 45s
(Clip) Tony Bruno not believing in Giants just yet
Show Details1min 47s
(Clip) Gary likes Kansas at TCU
Show Details1min 20s
(Clip) Gary Segars takes B.C. over Wake Forest
Show Details1min 13s
(Full Ep:) Tony Bruno/Diamond Dallas Page 9 26 19
Show Details1hr 23min
(Clip) TJ and Charles Davis debate Vols chances vs Gators
Show Details2min 35s
(Clip) Chris loves Kansas at home 9 19 19
Show Details1min 58s
(Clip) Chris Giannini- how is Mich St. is favored?!
Show Details59s
(Full Ep) Charles Davis of Fox Sports 9 19 19
Show Details1hr 3min
(Clip) Sean Green loves Jaguars at Houston this week
Show Details1min 51s
(Clip) Sean Green likes Syracuse to hang with Clemson
Show Details2min 8s
(Full Ep) Sal Capaccio Buffalo + College/NFL picks 9 12 19
Show Details58min 33s
(Clip) TJ and Chris Giannini disagree on Army/Michigan
Show Details1min 33s
(Clip) Chris Giannini says A&M will hang with Clemson
Show Details1min 33s
(Clip) Tony Bruno says Browns won't implode early
Show Details2min 1s
(Clip) Tony Bruno says Ezekiel Elliott will get ball Sunday
Show Details1min 8s
(Clip) Tony Bruno says don't just write Skins off
Show Details1min 45s
(Full Ep) Tony Bruno/NFL Week 1 Preview 9 5 19
Show Details1hr 13min
(Full Ep) College Football Preview Part 2 8 29 19
Show Details1hr 9min
(Clip) Phil Steele on his 2019 Heisman darkhorses
Show Details1min 24s
(Clip) Phil Steele likes Nebraska as 2019 most improved
Show Details1min 55s
(Clip) Phil Steele on whether Bama or Clemson miss the playoff
Show Details2min 13s
(Full Ep:) Phil Steele & Gators Voice Mick Hubert 8 22 19
Show Details56min 57s
(Full Ep:) MLB off field talk/NBA Free Agency
Show Details26min 12s
Max Scherzer controversy/NBA Finals recap/Draft preview
Show Details45min 17s
Full Ep: Stanley Cup/NBA Finals/Women's World Cup
Show Details21min 53s
(Full Ep:) NBA Finals/Stanley Cup 6 6 19
Show Details23min 9s
(Full Ep:) NBA Finals Preview 5 30 19
Show Details29min 22s
Mike Emerick is phenomenal on Hockey p x p (clip)
Show Details1min 54s
Interested in St. Louis- Boston Stanley Cup? (clip)
Show Details1min 39s
Can Milwaukee or Toronto beat Golden State? (clip)
Show Details1min 12s
Kevin on Warriors/Curry greatness (clip)
Show Details1min 19s
NBA Playoffs/Stanley Cup Final Preview
Show Details24min 21s
What kind of chance does Tiger have at PGA Champ? (clip)
Show Details1min 25s
Is John Beilein making a mistake going to NBA? (clip)
Show Details3min 13s
Will Zion ever play in NOLA? (clip)
Show Details2min 39s
Full Episode: NBA Lottery/Zion, Beilein to Cavs + Tiger/Golf
Show Details26min 26s
With KD out, is NBA title wide open? (clip)
Show Details2min 3s
Is Kyrie Irving damaged goods now? (clip)
Show Details1min 16s
Full Episode: Post Kentucky Derby/NBA Playoffs
Show Details25min 10s
NFL Draft Recap Show
Show Details37min 38s
3 Dog Thursday: Final Four Recap
Show Details1hr 2min
3 Dog Thursday: Final Four Preview
Show Details1hr 4min
3 Dog Thursday: CBS Sports Network CBB insider Gary Parrish
Show Details1hr 16min
3 Dog Thursday: Ready For The Mayhem of March
Show Details1hr 6min
3 Dog Thursday: Championship Week Picks and Tom Penders
Show Details1hr 18min
3 Dog Thursday: #FTAwarenessMonth with Matt Zemek from
Show Details55min 30s
3 Dog Thursday: Jerry Palm of CBS Sports
Show Details1hr 7min
3 Dog Thursday: Matt Zemek of
Show Details1hr 8min
3 Dog Thursday: Fox TV College Basketball Host Rob Stone
Show Details58min 19s
3 Dog Thursday: Memphis Play by Play Announcer Dave Woloshin
Show Details1hr 10min
3 Dog Thursday: Super Bowl Prop Bets
Show Details46min 54s
3 Dog Thursday: Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News
Show Details52min 48s
3 Dog Thursday: J.B. Long and Zach Gelb
Show Details1hr
3 Dog Thursday: Dallas Cowboys play by play man Brad Sham
Show Details1hr 9min
3 Dog Thursday: Nate Lundy of
Show Details1hr 2min
3 Dog Thursday: Underdog Picks in College Bowl Games and Week 17 of NFL
Show Details51min 58s
3 Dog Thursday: Alex Marvez of Sirius XM NFL Radio
Show Details1hr 11min
3 Dog Thursday: NFL Guru Jason Cole of FanSided
Show Details1hr 14min
3 Dog Thursday: Brett McMurphy of Stadium & Price Atkinson
Show Details1hr 12min
3 Dog Thursday: Fox Sports’ Tim Brando & Matt Zemek
Show Details1hr 14min
3 Dog Thursday: Shannon Spake of Fox Sports & Former All-American OL Matt Elliott
Show Details1hr 44min
3 Dog Thursday: Former Syracuse QB & Heisman Runner Up Don McPherson
Show Details53min 32s
3 Dog Thursday: Patrick Netherton of 1130 “The Tiger”
Show Details54min 10s
3 Dog Thursday: Peter Burns of the SEC Network and Sirius/XM radio
Show Details47min 50s
3 Dog Thursday: Dr. Selene Parekh of The Fantasy Doctors
Show Details1hr 24min
3 Dog Thursday: Coaching Regrets?
Show Details44min 51s
3 Dog Thursday: Matt Zemek and Joe Marino
Show Details1hr 5min
3 Dog Thursday: ESPN College Football Analyst Anthony Becht
Show Details1hr 6min
3 Dog Thursday: Scott Hanson of the NFL Network and NFL RedZone Channel
Show Details55min 54s
3 Dog Thursday: Vince Ferrara & Zach Gelb
Show Details1hr 2min
3 Dog Thursday: NFL on FOX’s Chris Myers
Show Details55min 9s
3 Dog Thursday: Mike North and Price Atkinson
Show Details1hr 23min
3 Dog Thursday: College Football Season Is Here
Show Details42min 34s
3 Dog Thursday: 2018 Football Season Preview
Show Details1hr 22min
3 Dog Thursday: Final Four Preview
Show Details41min 13s
3 Dog Thursday: Sweet 16 Underdog Picks and Sal Capaccio of WGR-Radio
Show Details50min 10s
3 Dog Thursday: Tournament Underdog Picks and J.T. The Brick of FOX Sports Radio
Show Details51min 47s
3 Dog Thursday: Conference Tournament Picks and ESPN’s Rich Hollenberg
Show Details58min 35s
3 Dog Thursday: Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports Network and
Show Details44min 57s
3 Dog Thursday: National College Basketball Writer Adam Zagoria
Show Details49min 53s
3 Dog Thursday: Kerry Miller of Bleacher Report
Show Details54min 17s
3 Dog Thursday: Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News
Show Details57min 15s
3 Dog Thursday: Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets and College Basketball Picks
Show Details34min 35s
3 Dog Thursday: College Basketball Underdog Picks
Show Details32min 2s
3 Dog Thursday: NFL Playoff and College Basketball Underdog Picks
Show Details40min 1s
3 Dog Thursday: NFL Playoff Underdog Picks and Peter Schrager of Fox Sports
Show Details57min 55s
3 Dog Thursday: NFL Wildcard Weekend
Show Details48min 15s
3 Dog Thursday: Adam Kramer, aka “Mr. Kegs and Eggs” from Bleacher Report
Show Details54min
3 Dog Thursday: Charles Davis from NFL on FOX
Show Details1hr 3min
3 Dog Thursday: Chris Landry and Price Atkinson
Show Details1hr 4min
3 Dog Thursday: Shannon Spake of the NFL on Fox
Show Details54min 56s
3 Dog Thursday: November 30, 2017
Show Details50min 56s
3 Dog Thursday: November 22, 2017
Show Details48min 51s
3 Dog Thursday: November 16, 2017
Show Details48min 56s
3 Dog Thursday: November 9, 2017
Show Details56min 50s
3 Dog Thursday: November 2, 2017
Show Details41min 1s
3 Dog Thursday: October 26, 2017
Show Details50min 54s
3 Dog Thursday: October 19, 2017
Show Details53min 45s
3 Dog Thursday: October 12, 2017
Show Details48min 2s
3 Dog Thursday: October 5, 2017
Show Details38min 27s
3 Dog Thursday: September 28, 2017
Show Details50min 33s
3 Dog Thursday: September 21, 2017
Show Details42min 34s
3 Dog Thursday: September 14, 2017
Show Details46min 24s
3 Dog Thursday: September 7, 2017
Show Details39min 13s
3 Dog Thursday: August 31, 2017
Show Details45min 39s
3 Dog Thursday returns to Radio Influence for Season 3 beginning on Thursday, August 31
Show Details2min 12s
3 Dog Thursday: March 30, 2017
Show Details31min 11s
3 Dog Thursday: March 22, 2017
Show Details29min 26s
3 Dog Thursday: March 15, 2017
Show Details31min 43s
3 Dog Thursday: March 9, 2017
Show Details31min 27s
3 Dog Thursday: March 2, 2017
Show Details31min 38s
3 Dog Thursday: February 23, 2017
Show Details31min 22s
3 Dog Thursday: February 16, 2017
Show Details36min 31s
3 Dog Thursday: February 9, 2017
Show Details35min 41s
3 Dog Thursday: February 2, 2017
Show Details31min 42s
3 Dog Thursday: January 26, 2017
Show Details31min
3 Dog Thursday: January 19, 2017
Show Details30min 32s
3 Dog Thursday: January 12, 2017
Show Details31min 51s
3 Dog Thursday: January 5, 2017
Show Details30min 13s
3 Dog Thursday: December 29, 2016
Show Details35min 9s
3 Dog Thursday: December 22, 2016
Show Details32min 35s
3 Dog Thursday: December 15, 2016
Show Details30min 57s
3 Dog Thursday: December 8, 2016
Show Details31min 2s
3 Dog Thursday: December 1, 2016
Show Details31min 46s
3 Dog Thursday: November 24, 2016
Show Details30min 18s
3 Dog Thursday: November 17, 2016
Show Details35min 14s
3 Dog Thursday: November 10, 2016
Show Details31min 31s
3 Dog Thursday: November 3, 2016
Show Details30min 22s
3 Dog Thursday: October 27, 2016
Show Details29min 56s
3 Dog Thursday: October 20, 2016
Show Details31min 18s
3 Dog Thursday: October 13, 2016
Show Details31min 45s
3 Dog Thursday: October 6, 2016
Show Details30min 59s
3 Dog Thursday: September 29, 2016
Show Details30min 16s
3 Dog Thursday: September 22, 2016
Show Details34min 44s
3 Dog Thursday: September 15, 2016
Show Details33min 4s
3 Dog Thursday: September 8, 2016
Show Details31min 48s
3 Dog Thursday: September 1, 2016
Show Details32min 44s
3 Dog Thursday: March 31, 2016
Show Details1hr
3 Dog Thursday: March 24, 2016
Show Details30min 1s
3 Dog Thursday: March 17, 2016
Show Details33min 44s
3 Dog Thursday: March 10, 2016
Show Details30min 2s
3 Dog Thursday: March 3, 2016
Show Details30min 1s
3 Dog Thursday: February 25, 2016
Show Details31min 13s
3 Dog Thursday: February 18, 2016
Show Details30min 2s
3 Dog Thursday: February 11, 2016
Show Details30min 35s
3 Dog Thursday: February 4, 2016
Show Details30min 9s
3 Dog Thursday: January 28, 2016
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday: January 21, 2016
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday: January 14, 2016
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday: NFL playoffs and College Football Championship Game Edition
Show Details30min 1s
3 Dog Thursday – Episode 17
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday – Episode 16
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday – Episode 15
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday – Episode 14
Show Details30min
3 Dog Thursday – Episode 13
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 12
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 11
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 10
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 9
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 8
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 7
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 6
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 5
Show Details30min
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 4
Show Details29min 59s
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 3
Show Details30min 50s
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 2
Show Details39min 59s
Three Dog Thursday – Episode 1
Show Details48min 15s