Delve into Money

There are a lot of great financial resources out there. Why not take those resources and learn from them each week? The Delve into Money podcast aims to look at books (financial and non-financial) and apply them to your personal finance journey. Whether you're seeking tips on budgeting, investing, creating a long-term financial plan, or financial independence, this podcast should help you take steps forward in your financial journey.

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A framework for better money conversations with your spouse - Part 2
Show Details31min 27s
A framework for better money conversations with your spouse - Part 1
Show Details34min 46s
Removing biases and creating buffer in our budget and investment strategies - Essentialism Part 2
Show Details33min 47s
Discerning what's best and exploring investing options - Essentialism book Part 1
Show Details33min 3s
Read more books with these simple tricks
Show Details18min 51s
Teaching children about money and rewiring our brain - Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain book
Show Details29min 59s
Dave Ramsey: the good, the bad, and everything in between w/ The Financial Dads Podcast
Show Details1hr 4min
How to create better money habits without relying on willpower or motivation - Tiny Habits book
Show Details36min 18s
How to stop getting distracted from your money goals - Indistractable Book
Show Details35min 5s
Common factors to becoming a millionaire - The Millionaire Next Door Book
Show Details37min 35s
5 book recommendations to level up your personal finances
Show Details25min 26s
How to create a "someday" fund and complete your most important tasks - Make Time Book
Show Details33min 2s
Introduction: we all struggle with financial doubt. Here is how this podcast plans to help.
Show Details12min 4s
What is this podcast about?
Show Details1min 17s