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Come on in to Animals House and chill with Animal and Snacks while they talk sports, life and everything in between.


Come Get Your Mind Blown
Show Details37min 2s
Episode 33: Making the Perfect Masters Dinner Menu
Show Details33min 17s
Episode 32: NY Penn Station is a Disaster
Show Details36min 32s
Episode 31: Happy St. Patricks Day
Show Details32min 55s
Episode 30: Talking About Steak and the Ocean
Show Details32min 42s
Episode 29: Talking About Space But We Are Dumb
Show Details32min 41s
Episode 28: Fruit Bowls and Steves Random Questions
Show Details31min 40s
Episode 27: Childhood Games, Secret Parlay Formula, Adam Sandler
Show Details35min 47s
Episode 26: Worst TV Neighbors
Show Details33min 55s
Episode 25: What Actors Would Play Us In A Movie
Show Details36min 15s
Episode 23: Robots Are Coming For Us
Show Details29min 56s
Episode 21: The Christmas Special
Show Details39min 34s
Episode 20: Reading An Erotic Story (NSFW)
Show Details32min 5s
Episode 19: An Uber Nightmare
Show Details33min 28s
Episode 18: Talkin Toilets and NFL Refs
Show Details35min 50s
Episode 17: PETA Going To Hate Steve / Fake It Till You Make It Good Advice?
Show Details33min 1s
Episode 16: NFL / The Masters / Jeopardy
Show Details33min 40s
Episode 15: NFL / Hiccups / Fonts
Show Details36min 20s
Episode 14: NFL talk / Whats in the box?
Show Details30min 39s
Episode 13: Fitz/Fights/Dragons / Limewire Frights
Show Details34min 13s
Episode 12: Cobra Kai/Larp/Van Halen
Show Details32min 21s
Episode 11: NFL and Stevie One Chain
Show Details31min 1s
Episode 10: U.S. Open/WCF/Thursday Night Football
Show Details24min 38s
Episode 09: NFL Week One Recap / MNF Bet
Show Details34min 38s
Episode 08: Thursday Night Football / Adam Sandler
Show Details20min 2s
Episode 07: NFL First Win Prop / Video Game Glory Days
Show Details25min 57s
Episode 06 - NFL Szn Long Player Props/Awards
Show Details27min 26s
Episode 05 - The Instant Hall of Fame
Show Details28min 58s
Episode 04: NFC szn Win Totals
Show Details30min 16s
Episode 03: AFC szn win Totals
Show Details30min 39s
Episode 02: NFL Fanbases
Show Details35min 50s
Episode 01: NBA Playoffs & Funko Pop
Show Details38min 53s