Small Business Startup Essentials

Starting a business with a solid plan is essential for success in today's competitive world. With so many options for everyone to choose from, how will you stand out above the crowd and rise above the noise?

What will be your plan for success?

Listen for a fresh perspective from someone that knows what the struggles are and how to overcome them.

Listen for some motivation and a 'mindset reset' to help you keep moving forward and to have a perspective of expecting success.

Who Is This Podcast For?

If you are thinking about starting, planning or launching a business, but either don't know where to start, need some encouragement or help with the startup process, then you will enjoy this podcast.

Are you planning a second act for your life because of retirement or pending retirement? The small business world is very different than it used to be.

Are you in the middle of a later in life pivot and you need to save a lot of time with your new business launch? Well, listen in and pick the episodes that will help you the most.

What Will You Hear?

We will go over the essential tips and tools you will need to pivot through what are defined as the Dream / Plan / Launch process, which will help you launch your personal brand business from the ground up.

We'll go over topics relating to the '7 Basic Building Blocks' of an online personal brand business:

  1. Vision
  2. Website
  3. Product/Service
  4. Marketing
  5. Email List
  6. Branding
  7. Copywriting

Listen in to the inspiring stories from others that took a bold step out of their comfort zone to pursue their dream of having their own business.

About the Host

Podcast host, Tom Clairmont has been a small business owner for the past 20 years in the United States and has a special focus on providing step by step small business startup coaching, for those that are looking to become a full time or part time entrepreneur. Especially to those making that later in life shift.

Resources to Help You Succeed

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Ep 62: Interview with Shannon Greenwood-Founder, Rebelle Community
Show Details23min 46s
Ep 61 How Small Achievements Lead to Big Success
Show Details14min 40s
Exclusive Content: Course Introduction-The 7 Building Blocks to a Successful Online Business
Show Details32min 55s
Ep 60: The If Only Mindset Trap
Show Details13min 20s
Ep 59: Stop Planning and Start Doing- 3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals
Show Details13min 13s
Ep 58: The Tools We Use
Show Details15min 13s
Ep 57: The 3 Critical Stories You'll Need for Your Business
Show Details13min 46s
Ep 56: Breaking away from conventional thinking when starting your business
Show Details15min 22s
Ep 55: A Missed Opportunity for a Business? 5 Ways to Bounce Back
Show Details14min 26s
Ep 54: What does success look like for your business
Show Details12min 19s
Ep 53: Starting a full time vs part time business
Show Details9min 42s
Ep 52: You have a great business idea: So now what?
Show Details14min 41s
Ep 51: 8 Ways to Know It’s Time to Give Up on Your Business Idea
Show Details9min 35s
Ep 50: Business Model Basics- 4 Types That Can Work For You
Show Details18min 2s
Ep 49: How to connect the dots when the dots keep moving
Show Details18min 3s
Ep 48: How to Define and Develop Your Personal Strengths
Show Details31min 15s
Ep 47: Focus or Failure?
Show Details20min 2s
Ep 46: Branding Expert Mike Kim- Book Launch 'You Are the Brand'
Show Details34min 27s
Ep 45: DIY- Building an Email List
Show Details22min 35s
Ep 44: DIY- 4 Products and Services to Enjoy a Portable Business
Show Details21min 10s
Ep 43: DIY-Getting Started With a WordPress Website
Show Details18min 18s
Ep 42: The Power of a Personality Profile : Building on Your Strengths
Show Details14min 33s
Ep 41: Expanding Your Comfort Zone
Show Details11min 5s
Ep 40: How to Start a Podcast Mini-Course
Show Details20min 27s
Ep 39: Your New Message for Maximum Impact
Show Details13min
Ep 38: Your Personal Story: How It Can Improve Sales
Show Details17min 41s
Ep 37: Taking the Next Step- A New Choice
Show Details11min 27s
Ep 36: Copywriting- Building Block #7- Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details11min 42s
EP 35: Personal Branding-Building Block #6- Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details11min 47s
EP 34: Marketing Plan-Building Block #5-Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details13min 4s
EP 33: The Email List-Building Block #4-Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details12min 12s
EP 32: Products and Services-Building Block #3-Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details14min 19s
EP 31: Website-Building Block #2-Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details19min 54s
EP 30: Vision-Building Block #1-Laying a Strong Foundation to Your Business
Show Details10min 40s
Ep 29: 8 Steps To a Strong Business Launch Using Social Media
Show Details24min 8s
Ep 28: The limiting beliefs that will hurt your success!
Show Details8min 50s
Ep 27: Ghostwriting REVEALED - Emily Crookston, Pocked PhD and how she makes the book writing process heavenly.
Show Details33min 23s
Ep 26: Starting a Business From Zero- 7 Major Building Blocks
Show Details25min 37s
Ep 25: 4 Benefits of Starting a Business Later in Life
Show Details13min 10s
Ep: 24: Three Critical Steps to Gain Clarity for Your New Small Business
Show Details16min 21s
Ep 23: Taking the Boredom Out of Branding- Interview with Sarah Justice from KindaWonderful
Show Details19min 52s
EP 22: The Master of Getting MORE Out of Life- Interview with Jen Groover
Show Details25min 37s
EP 21: From Good to GREAT!- Interview with Website Marketer, John Welch from Skymouse Studios
Show Details23min 31s
EP 20: Interview with Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation-Freedom from the J.O.B.
Show Details24min 5s
EP 19: The 8 Unbreakable Rules to Small Business Success author and serial entrepreneur, Sean Castrina
Show Details26min 2s
EP 18: Mindset Miracles-Interview with Transformational Coach/Author/Speaker and Podcast Host, Matt Crump
Show Details27min 31s
EP 17: Speak your way to the top!-Interview with Public Speaking Coach, Donna Riccardo
Show Details37min 5s
EP 16: Startup Strategy Success Plan- Interview with Content Marketing Strategist, Kris Hughes
Show Details31min 22s
EP 15: Video Validation-Interview with International Videographer Wesley Dean
Show Details26min 21s
EP 14: Children's Author and Author Coach, builds Kindness App to make huge impact, an Interview with Wendy Gilhula
Show Details26min 7s
EP 13: Changing the world one Daddy at a time- an Interview with Serial Entrepreneur and creator of Daddy Saturday, Justin Batt
Show Details24min 6s
EP 12: Givers Gain with The Generosity Culture-an Interview with Business Development Consultant, April Shprintz
Show Details19min 13s
EP 11: Does Following Your Dream Seem More Like a Nightmare?
Show Details6min 15s
EP 10: Revolutionizing the publishing world- Interview with Juliet Clark from Super Brand Publishing
Show Details24min 33s
EP 9: S.E.L.F. Made Fitness Trainer Interview of Markus Copeland
Show Details13min 23s
EP 8: Small town author produces big time results-Interview of Christine J. Gilbert
Show Details19min 19s
EP 7: From Drinking to Driven and how Kari Schwear helps others kick the drinking habit
Show Details19min 31s
EP 6: Finding Your Zone of Genius
Show Details12min 54s
EP 5: Let's Get to Work
Show Details10min 46s
EP 4: Starting a Business From the Inside Out
Show Details16min 7s
EP 3: What is Your Why?
Show Details12min 34s
EP 2: Don't Do What I Did!
Show Details12min 47s
Premier episode-WELCOME!
Show Details4min 47s