• How to Become Effective in Prayer | Pastor Broderick McBride & Prophetess Sharde Martin

    In this compelling episode, Pastor Broderick McBride and Prophetess Sharde Martin join Geoffrey to delve into the transformative power of prayer. Drawing from their deep well of experience and spiritual insight, Pastor Broderick and Prophetess Sharde share practical tips and profound wisdom on how to become more effective in prayer. They discuss the importance of intentionality, consistency, and faith in cultivating a powerful prayer life that yields tangible results. Listeners are encouraged to embrace prayer as a dynamic tool for spiritual growth and empowerment, with the potential to shape their lives and communities. Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration for enhancing your prayer life and experiencing God's transformative power.

    About Pastor Broderick:

    Broderick L. McBride is a dynamic thought leader and communicator who merges mental health advocacy with spirituality, evident in his teaching and counseling. Rising as an influential voice nationally, he lectures on theology, social justice, and activism, drawing from his academic background in psychology and divinity. McBride's unique style and passion for reforming cultures have made him a sought-after speaker, with upcoming publications reflecting his impactful work. He resides in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and daughter, prioritizing family above all

    About Prophetess Sharde:

    Sharde D. Martin is a rising star in Atlanta, known for her insightful and innovative approach to transformational thinking and prophetic leadership. She fearlessly challenges the status quo to bridge generational divides, with a ministry focused on impartation, deliverance, and intercession. Beyond her ministry, Sharde is dedicated to impacting the marketplace through her company, Sharde Martin Unlimited, aiming to empower and actualize gifts across generations. She is under the guidance of Pastor Chris & Dr. Khaalida Forbes at Truth City Washington, D.C., and is poised to make a lasting impact.

    1h 12m - Apr 12, 2024
  • Embracing the Prophetic | Apostle Psalmist Raine

    In this enlightening episode, host Geoffrey Golden sits down with the talented Psalmist Raine to discuss the profound concept of embracing the prophetic. Psalmist Raine shares her personal journey and experiences, highlighting the transformative power of embracing one's prophetic gifting. Together, they explore the significance of prophetic worship, its impact on spiritual growth, and how individuals can cultivate a deeper connection with the prophetic in their own lives. Join them for a soul-stirring conversation that will inspire you to embrace the prophetic and walk boldly in your spiritual calling.

    About Psalmist Raine: 

    Psalmist Raine®, an internationally recognized worship artist, captivates audiences with her improvisational worship recordings alongside the ReFresh Team. With a musical journey spanning over 25 years, Psalmist Raine® channels her passion for God into dynamic worship experiences, aiming to move the heart of God and open the heavens through song. As an award-winning psalmist and entrepreneur, she pioneers the next generation of worship leaders while embracing her calling as an Apostolic Leader, all while cherishing her roles as a mother, wife, and community leader.

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    50m - Mar 22, 2024
  • Millennials and Gen Z in the Black Church | Ray A Vernon

    In this episode, host Geoffrey Golden is joined by Ray A. Vernon, a dynamic leader from Varr Studios and The Word Church in Ohio, to explore the role of Millennials and Gen Z in the black church. Ray shares his insights and experiences, discussing how younger generations are reshaping the church's narrative and engaging with faith in new and innovative ways. The conversation dives into topics such as digital ministry, social justice activism, and the importance of intergenerational collaboration in fostering a vibrant and inclusive church community. Tune in to gain a fresh perspective on the future of the black church and its impact on contemporary society.

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    56m - Mar 8, 2024
  • Black Liberation | Justin Giboney & Pastor Michael McBride

    In this episode, join host Geoffrey Golden as he delves into a critical conversation about black liberation and its significance in Christianity. Geoffrey is joined by two influential guests, Justin Giboney and Pastor Mike McBride. As the conversation unfolds, prepare to be challenged to consider your role in promoting justice and liberation in your community. This episode serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of faith-based activism and the need for Christians to engage with issues of social justice in a meaningful and impactful way.

    About Pastor Justin Giboney:

    Justin Giboney, an attorney and political strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia, is renowned for his expertise in navigating complex legal and political landscapes. As the co-founder and president of the AND Campaign, he is a prominent voice advocating for a balanced and nuanced approach to social and political issues. Giboney's work highlights the intersection of faith and politics, emphasizing the importance of ethical leadership and civic engagement. To learn more, visit: https://andcampaign.org/

    About Pastor Michael McBride:

    Michael McBride, the executive director of LIVE FREE USA, leads a national network dedicated to ending the criminalization of people of color and reducing gun violence. Recognized as a Top Clergy Leader by the Center for American Progress, he has been a key figure in advocating for public health gun violence prevention programs and addressing poverty and inequality. Pastor McBride, also the co-founder of Black Church PAC, is known for his insightful contributions to major media outlets such as the New York Times, MSNBC, and CNN, highlighting his commitment to social change and justice. To learn more, visit: https://livefreeusa.org

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    1h 20m - Feb 22, 2024
  • Pioneers in Black Praise and Worship | Pastor Phil Tarver & Judith Christie McAllister

    Join Geoffrey Golden in this insightful episode of "Dimensions," where we delve into the rich history of praise and worship within the African-American church context. Geoffrey reflects on distinct worship streams that have shaped the landscape, highlighting pioneers like Fred Hammond in urban worship, Shekinah Glory Ministry in prophetic worship, Judith Christie McAllister in congregational worship, and Ron Canole in multi-ethnic worship. Our esteemed guests, Dr. Judith Christie McAllister and Apostle Phil Tarver, share their stories, offering a profound perspective on worship's evolution and its impact on generations. Explore the roots and celebrate the contributors who paved the way for the worship culture we know today.

    About Pastor Phil Tarver:

    Phil Tarver, also known as Pastor Phil, is the senior Pastor of United Faith Center Ministries International and a gospel recording artist with a notable career. With a rich background serving under esteemed spiritual leaders, including Dr. T.L. White Sr. and Bishop Larry Trotter, Phil has left an indelible mark. As the former worship leader of Valley Kingdom Ministries International's praise team, "Shekinah Glory Ministry," he recorded three solo projects, including the chart-topping "Draw Nearer." Phil, a devoted pastor and artist, founded United Faith Center Ministries International in 2012, driven by the vision to build strong individuals and families and spread the message of Jesus Christ. To learn more, visit: https://www.unitedfaithcmi.org/pastor/

    About Judith Christie McAllister:

    Dr. Judith Christie McAllister is without question one of the most influential music ministry leaders of our time. Born in Harlem NY, this Grammy-nominated choir director, songwriter, producer, and author is most noted as being a forerunner of the Praise & Worship Movement in the late 80’s. With a career span of over 40 years, Dr. J’s fingerprints can be found on the hearts and lives of millions across the globe. To learn more, visit: https://www.neverendingworship.org/

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    S1E3 - 1h 10m - Feb 8, 2024
  • How Do We Know When We’re in God’s Presence?

    Embark on a transformative journey into the depths of the throne room of God with Geoffrey Golden on this solo episode of Dimensions. Explore the profound spiritual reality that you are already seated with Christ in heavenly places, delving into the preeminence of God and the superiority of Jesus Christ. Uncover the historical significance of the throne room in Christian worship, discovering your active participation in the heavenly realms. Join Geoffrey as he guides you to lift your hearts, not as mere encouragement but as an invitation to align your consciousness with the heavenly reality. Gain insights from scripture, Christian history, and modern worship, understanding that as you enter the throne room, God's victories and conquests become evident in your life. Experience the presence of God as you explore what it truly means for Christ to be King. Welcome to the throne room, where dimensions shift, and lives are transformed.

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    S1E2 - 22m - Jan 25, 2024
  • Distraction-Free Devotion: Building Intimacy with God | Apostle Brian Meadows

    In the inaugural episode of "Dimensions with Geoffrey Golden," embark on a profound exploration with Apostle Brian Meadows as he and Geoffrey engage in a conversation about eliminating distractions and building intimacy with Jesus.

    The episode begins with a thought-provoking reflection on the church's tendency to focus on the flesh rather than the gifts God has placed within us. Geoffrey emphasizes the transformative power of developing these gifts, redirecting our attention from worldly distractions.

    Don't miss this enlightening episode that combines personal experiences, theological insights, and practical wisdom for spiritual growth. Join the journey of removing distractions and building intimacy with Jesus.

    About Apostle Brian Meadows:

    Bryan Meadows is a revered Apostolic Voice, providing leadership and guidance to an expansive international network of leaders. As the Senior Pastors of Embassy International in Atlanta, Georgia, Bryan and his wife, Patrice, are known for their transformative approach, emphasizing revelation, apostolic insight, and innovative strategies. With a dedicated focus on activating gifts, unlocking destinies, and maximizing the potential of this and future generations, Bryan Meadows strives to raise and deploy a generation ready to make a significant impact in the marketplace. 

    To learn more, visit: https://www.bryanmeadows.com/ ; Message mentioned in the episode: https://www.youtube.com/live/5uBaJ2KkuQ4?si=J4t_Wlw30kXodlDc

    Connect with Geoffrey:

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    S1E1 - 50m - Jan 11, 2024
  • Introducing Dimensions: A Podcast by Geoffrey Golden

    Step into the debut season of "Dimensions with Geoffrey Golden," where Geoffrey invites listeners on a transformative exploration. In this podcast, Geoffrey Golden emphasizes a profound belief—God beckons us to venture deeper, ascend higher, and journey further into the understanding of God's wisdom and the revelation of Jesus Christ.

    Whether one is a newcomer to the teachings of Jesus or a seasoned follower, the call from God persists—to elevate higher, delve deeper, and progress further into the truths of His message. "Dimensions" becomes the canvas for multidimensional discussions, spanning topics from prayer, worship, and prophecy to critical issues such as social justice and black liberation.

    The podcast derives its name, "Dimensions," from the conviction that if Jesus reigns as King over all, every aspect of our world, from the spiritual to the societal, holds significance in His eyes. This platform seeks to authentically reflect Christ in every dimension of life.

    The season unfolds with the theme "Night Vision," drawing inspiration from Daniel chapter seven. Here, the prophet envisions worldly empires competing for power, contrasted with a heavenly courtroom where God, the Ancient of Days, seated on a fiery throne, delegates authority to the Son of Man—Jesus Christ. This revelation underscores that, despite the prevailing darkness, Christ's authority prevails, and every opposing force will eventually bow before Him.

    Throughout the season, Geoffrey Golden delves into the implications of Christ's kingship on various facets of life, addressing topics such as racial justice, spiritual warfare, and the role of the church in the millennial context. Join the audience in exploring the kingship of Christ and growing together in the knowledge of God and the revelation of Christ.

    For those resonating with this sneak peek, show your support by leaving a five-star review. Tune in for compelling conversations with diverse guests, shaping this season of "Dimensions with Geoffrey Golden."

    8m - Dec 5, 2023
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Dimensions: A Podcast with Geoffrey Golden