Sanan on Transitioning & Gender Affirmation

45m | Jun 30, 2020

In this incredibly illuminating conversation, Sanan describes with stunning detail the journey of his gender affirmation. He dives into his feelings of gender and identity dysphoria throughout his childhood, reactions of his family, friends, and strangers in Jamatkhana, and the details surrounding his multi-step gender affirmation surgeries. Sanan tells us how his life has since changed, how he’s treated differently, and what he’s learned. Plus, Sanan excitedly shares the science and medical aspects of his transition, discussing his new body parts, his hormonal changes, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The questions asked of Sanan in this episode were discussed and vetted prior to recording. Please do not feel entitled to ask these same invasive questions to other trans individuals without being invited to do so.


Explicit: Sexual Content & Adult Language

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