Sonya on Surviving Cancer & Founding a Business

54m | Oct 27, 2021

Sonya was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29, with no family history. She found out she had cancer while she was out of town and doing a self examination in the shower. That self breast exam changed her life. Soon after, Sonya underwent chemo and treatment, and decided to shave her head to take control of potential side effects. Frustrated with her headware options, she then founded her own turban company and has since been featured in magazines and on runways.

Sonya has an incredible outlook on life and shares how she reframed her perspective in times of hardship. We absolutely loved learning from her resilience, and we’re confident you will too.

Footnote: Throughout the episode, we talk about some things that are specific to the Ismaili Muslim community. Firstly, we mention “Hazir Imam” or “the Imam." Hazir Imam is a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad and Ismaili Muslims consider him to be their spiritual leader. Additionally, we refer to “Didar,” which Sonya attended in Atlanta. Didar is a special and rare event for Ismaili Muslims as this is when they get to see their Imam in person and earn guidance and blessings.

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