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A look inside our journey to Live Outside The Systems of Control


LOTS of Boxes
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Mic Test and Nate from Two Chicks Homestead Jumped On
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Published Nov 20, 2022 at 11:09pm
Mailing It In
Show Details29min 52s
Consolidating Coins
Show Details43min 7s
Finding Places To Camp
Show Details42min 5s
5 Things To Consider Before Digging A Garden
Show Details42min 42s
LOTS To Talk About with Rachel Jamison of Rewilderlife
Show Details1hr 24min
Busy Weekend At Camp
Show Details40min 8s
Crunching Numbers In Nature
Show Details40min 4s
Dip Dip Dip
Show Details40min 7s
Officially A Nomad
Show Details36min 31s
Homestead Memories
Show Details40min 22s
LOTS to Talk About with Jared Linze of Limited Supply Design
Show Details1hr 12min
Trails In The Tall Pines
Show Details41min 58s
Oh, Sandy
Show Details38min 1s
Moving Day Early, KInda
Show Details36min 46s
Episode 229 Propane Power
Show Details38min 55s
It’s All About Oxygen
Show Details40min
LOTS to Talk About with Michael Whisler of The EasyPeasy Empire
Show Details1hr 4min
Another Winner
Show Details39min 19s
Headed To Texas
Show Details33min 14s
Show Details38min 28s
All Systems Go
Show Details34min 36s
Where To Put It?
Show Details35min 33s
It Keeps Getting Better
Show Details45min 9s
Westward Bound
Show Details39min 31s
Getting Started pt.2
Show Details37min 47s
Like In The Toilet?
Show Details40min 6s
Pump The Brakes
Show Details37min 1s
Headline Bonanza
Show Details39min 49s
Time To Move On
Show Details37min 44s
Getting Started
Show Details43min 59s
Which Comes First
Show Details34min 30s
Backups For Backups
Show Details35min 46s
Fake It Until You Make It
Show Details37min 49s
Show Details38min 4s
Settling In
Show Details32min 4s
Testing, Testing, 1,2 3,
Show Details36min 48s
Laundry Day
Show Details41min 53s
Back From A Break
Show Details38min 46s
Familiar Ground
Show Details34min 41s
Rocky Start
Show Details30min 36s
Launch Day
Show Details35min 14s
Love Rocks
Show Details39min 34s
RIP Dark Prince
Show Details41min 44s
Big Review
Show Details37min 47s
So Much More Than A Shed
Show Details32min 33s
Chop and Drop
Show Details31min 3s
So smooth, then shiny
Show Details38min 6s
Coffee with Brian featuring Jackie Kerouac from Road to Autonomy
Show Details1hr 33min
Is It Friday?
Show Details31min 34s
Doctor, No Thanks
Show Details38min 50s
It Fit So It Shipped
Show Details35min 25s
If I Could Turn Back Time
Show Details39min 43s
Is That A Hole?
Show Details40min 48s
How Do You Like Them Apples?
Show Details46min 48s
Maintenance Not Construction
Show Details40min 32s
Been Down This Road Again
Show Details39min 17s
Hindsight is 20/20
Show Details29min 56s
Here We Go Again
Show Details34min 21s
Sent To The Principal's Office
Show Details45min 40s
Now What?
Show Details30min 18s
Looking Forward
Show Details31min 13s
What If We Were Not Here
Show Details28min 56s
What A Weekend
Show Details31min 59s
Last Weekend On The Farm
Show Details32min 15s
Tales From The Past Few Days
Show Details31min 54s
What Tools Do You Choose?
Show Details30min 19s
Back That Thing Up
Show Details30min 50s
Chicken Drama Return of The Roo
Show Details40min 28s
Backup Cam And More Updates
Show Details32min 41s
More Progress
Show Details31min 38s
Mullein It Over
Show Details31min 22s
Found A Spot
Show Details30min 41s
She Stole The Show
Show Details30min 35s
A Chat About Grounding and Barefoot Living with Grounded Soles aka My Beautiful Wife Kori
Show Details1hr 6min
The Last 2%
Show Details30min 4s
Step 1
Show Details32min
I'm Helping
Show Details31min 4s
A Step In The Right Direction
Show Details32min 8s
Nature Is So Cool
Show Details32min 5s
Should Have Know Better
Show Details22min 25s
Bruce Henner
Show Details30min 57s
So Many Breeds
Show Details30min 54s
This Old House
Show Details30min 9s
I Have Felt This Before
Show Details31min 3s
I Just Don't Get The Draw
Show Details29min 56s
Pony Express?
Show Details26min 10s
I Need Less and Less
Show Details30min 28s
Private Tour
Show Details29min 19s
More Of The Same
Show Details31min 19s
Playing the Waiting Game
Show Details28min 45s
Baby Chick On The Way, Now What?
Show Details30min 29s
Ground Control To Brian
Show Details29min 15s
Never Can Tell
Show Details28min 49s
Not A Trace
Show Details30min 14s
Fountain, Hipcamp and the Weekend
Show Details29min 46s
Would I Do It Again
Show Details29min 21s
Seeds Everywhere
Show Details29min 33s
Time For Reflection
Show Details28min 46s
It Kept Raining Harder
Show Details27min 36s
It's Literally Covered
Show Details30min 52s
Let The Games Begin
Show Details31min 59s
Show Details30min 33s
Picking Up Steam
Show Details29min 8s
Independence You Say
Show Details49min 28s
Holiday Weekend Preview
Show Details31min 3s
There's Bears In The Woods
Show Details32min 56s
I Created Her A Solar System
Show Details32min 46s
PHD, Missing Rooster and More
Show Details32min 6s
Weekend Review and Look Ahead
Show Details31min 52s
Can't We Just Be Kind?
Show Details19min 8s
8 Go To Tools
Show Details31min 44s
Making The Most Of Your Animal Feed
Show Details32min 31s
5 Takeaways From Our Trip
Show Details28min 19s
Back In The Saddle
Show Details31min 31s
Day 2 Recap
Show Details29min 49s
1 Day Down
Show Details30min 9s
Away We Go.
Show Details34min 49s
Will It All Get Done?
Show Details29min 10s
Coffee with Brian A Chat with Customer Service
Show Details46min 32s
Last Few Days To Prepare
Show Details32min 15s
Dirt, Wood Chips and More
Show Details33min 3s
Time To Jump Start This Journey
Show Details31min 4s
The Wheels Are Turning
Show Details29min 55s
Been Busy So Far
Show Details42min 10s
Coffee with Brian featuring The Renegade Butcher Josh Phoenix
Show Details1hr 34min
Weekend Look Ahead
Show Details31min 43s
That Was Harder Than Expected
Show Details30min 58s
Wasn't It Just A Waste Of Time?
Show Details32min 50s
Is The Processor Worth It?
Show Details31min 29s
Weekend Roundup
Show Details33min 23s
Coffee with Brian featuring Joel Valenzuela
Show Details1hr 6min
Peepers, Chicken Labor and More
Show Details30min 28s
Herbs and Medicicals
Show Details30min 28s
Mans Best Friend Part 2
Show Details30min 43s
Man's Best Friend
Show Details30min
Weekend Review
Show Details30min 1s
Coffee with Brian featuring Robert Ralston from Prepper Presentations
Show Details55min 38s
Everything Is Green
Show Details33min 14s
Fodder Flop
Show Details30min 46s
Fencing and Fence Like Material
Show Details30min 11s
Crafts and Stuff
Show Details30min 47s
Weekend Review
Show Details30min 7s
Coffee with Brian ft. Toolman Tim and Scramblin Episode 101 The LOTS Project Podcast
Show Details1hr 27min
LOTS of Review
Show Details29min 47s
Show Details29min 42s
Just a trip? Maybe More
Show Details28min 44s
Mmmmmmm Kombucha
Show Details27min 58s
Weekend Review
Show Details29min 11s
Coffee with Brian featuring Matt Derosier of FarmHop Life
Show Details1hr 35min
Listener Questions
Show Details29min 24s
Seeds, Seeds, & More Seeds
Show Details31min 1s
Our Time At The Farmers Market
Show Details29min 5s
Cooking Those Animals
Show Details28min 34s
My Resume
Show Details29min 31s
Coffee with Brian featuring Ariel McGlothin Episode 89 The LOTS Project Podcast
Show Details1hr 28min
How I Made Mead
Show Details30min 59s
The rest of the tools
Show Details30min 34s
Baby Chicks 101
Show Details29min 46s
Hostas, Lillies, Lilacs and more...
Show Details28min 13s
Tools For Traveling
Show Details30min 3s
Coffee with Brian featuring Erin and Nate LaMaster
Show Details1hr 31min
They Drink So Much
Show Details28min 56s
You say comfrey, I say comfrey
Show Details31min 33s
I Can See You
Show Details27min 47s
Welcome to the internet
Show Details27min 48s
Keep. Sell, Donate, Trash
Show Details28min 44s
Coffee with Brian featuring Greg Arcade
Show Details1hr 9min
The Weight Is The Hardest Part
Show Details32min 12s
Flushing The Toilet
Show Details31min 25s
Mans Best Friend
Show Details30min 42s
Pimp My Ride
Show Details31min 50s
Doing some Fencing
Show Details26min 2s
Coffee with Brian featuring Mike "Loco Estoy" Part 2
Show Details1hr 11min
Looking at things a little different.
Show Details19min 18s
One Bad Day
Show Details30min 22s
It's Laundry Day
Show Details29min 33s
You Have To Feed Them Something
Show Details28min 32s
Perfect For Small Wood
Show Details26min 55s
Coffee with Brian featuring Stanley and Nicole Part 2
Show Details1hr 6min
Tools Of The Trade
Show Details30min 32s
Making Room
Show Details28min 54s
A Path to Food Security
Show Details29min 7s
Only The Essentials
Show Details30min 49s
Spring Has Sprung
Show Details29min 30s
Coffee with Brian featuring Wade Lyons
Show Details1hr 5min
So Much Stuff
Show Details29min 34s
The Search Is On
Show Details24min 45s
What we liked to make
Show Details27min 20s
A Tent In The Woods
Show Details28min 22s
The Melt Is On
Show Details27min 11s
Coffee with Brian featuring Mike "Loco Estoy" The Philippine Nomad
Show Details1hr 43min
Side Hustle Fails and Pitfalls Episode 52 The LOTS Project Podcast
Show Details28min 5s
Turkeys and Squirrels and Deer, Oh My.
Show Details29min 1s
Predators of all kinds.
Show Details31min 16s
Our Time With Bees
Show Details28min 19s
Some things that didn't go so smooth
Show Details30min 37s
Coffee with Brian featuring Ken Eash
Show Details1hr 25min
Making Money Online, The Things We Have Tried
Show Details30min 27s
Chickens and Turkeys on Pasture
Show Details28min 55s
Hello Old Friend
Show Details29min 35s
DIY Quail Projects
Show Details29min
Goodbye Old Friend
Show Details27min 16s
Coffee with Brian featuring Stanley and Nicole Part 1
Show Details1hr 46min
Monetizing the "Back 40"
Show Details24min 57s
Quail from Egg to Freezer
Show Details29min 37s
Anti-Politics Book 4 & Final Thoughts
Show Details27min 22s
Coturnix Quail The Good, Bad and Ugly
Show Details28min 55s
Stop Blaming Time
Show Details28min 7s
Coffee with Brian featuring Patricia Forman
Show Details1hr 15min
Microgreens as a Side Hustle
Show Details27min 13s
Is that a black rabbit?
Show Details28min 4s
Anti-Politics Book 3
Show Details24min 53s
Breeding Like Rabbits
Show Details26min 31s
Watch Your Language
Show Details26min 44s
Coffee with Brian featuring Kerry Brown
Show Details1hr 33min
6 Ways To Monetize Comfrey
Show Details28min 56s
Feeders and Breeders
Show Details25min 30s
Anti-Politics Book 2 and Burn The Ships
Show Details23min 37s
Chicken Water Part 2
Show Details24min 39s
Big Prepping Bust and other random thoughts
Show Details23min 58s
Coffee with Brian featuring Amy Dingman
Show Details1hr 30min
Monetizing Quail
Show Details27min 7s
Adventures in chicken water.
Show Details25min 1s
First look at Anti-Politics
Show Details21min 16s
Let's try chicken tractors.
Show Details24min 47s
Slow Down!!!
Show Details19min 9s
Coffee with Brian featuring Brian Norton of Food Forrest Farms
Show Details1hr 36min
Monetizing chickens
Show Details23min 56s
Internet issues and celebrity worship
Show Details22min 18s
Just a tomato cage.
Show Details16min 41s
Does it really matter?
Show Details22min 19s
Some New Ideas
Show Details20min 10s
Coffee with Brian featuring Toolman Tim Cook
Show Details1hr 30min
10 ways to monetize rabbits.
Show Details24min 43s
The Delaware Experiment
Show Details15min 54s
Over 2500 days and this was my favorite.
Show Details17min 22s
Look at that chick's legs.
Show Details20min 26s
Where does the water flow?
Show Details16min 8s
One of my favorite side hustles you can start today.
Show Details19min 16s
The chickens are coming!!
Show Details22min 54s
We bought the farm. Now What?
Show Details15min 56s
Back to the beginning.
Show Details18min 20s
What's it all about.
Show Details14min 42s
Testing, Testing Can anyone hear me?
Show Details1min 22s