The Back Row Steelers Show

Rob Sprout


Episode 16: Tuitt ain't kneeling!
Show Details16min 11s
Episode 15: COVID Hurts/AB Retires again/Twitter talk
Show Details17min 49s
Episode 14: Rumors/News/Jujus + Prop Bets
Show Details21min 8s
Episode 13: Favorite Offensive Players EVER
Show Details25min 37s
Episode 12: Favorite Defensive Players Ever! Surprise at the end!
Show Details17min 52s
Episode 11: RB Room Breakdown
Show Details18min 33s
Episode 10: Books and Brands and Owners Oh My!
Show Details17min 43s
Episode 9: Steel Curtain is Back!
Show Details12min 22s
Episode 8: Everybody Love Everybody
Show Details11min 27s
Episode 7 - Conner on my mind
Show Details10min 41s
Episode 6 - Steelers Schedule Rundown
Show Details22min 43s
Episode 5 - AFC North Collaboration
Show Details1hr 41min
The Back Row Steelers Show EP.4
Show Details19min 55s
The Back Row Steelers Show Ep.3
Show Details16min 19s
The Back Row Steelers Show Ep.2
Show Details16min 16s
The Back Row Steelers Show Ep.1
Show Details6min 18s