Fire on High

A quick-hitting fantasy football podcast. Hosted by Tyler O under The Playmakerz Blog Brand. Tyler will give a succinct and calculated jump start on competition. Filter out the noise and get ready to dominate your league as you as Tyler O bring that fire fantasy football content in a tightly packed and concise podcast.


Fantasy Talk Week 8
Show Details11min 31s
Fantasy Talk Week 7
Show Details10min 56s
Fantasy Talk Week 6
Show Details11min 58s
Fantasy Talk Week 5
Show Details11min 39s
Fantasy Talk Week 4
Show Details8min 15s
Fantasy Talk Week 3
Show Details11min 19s
Fantasy Talk Week 2
Show Details14min 43s
Episode 4: Tight Ends
Show Details13min 39s
Episode 3: Wide Receivers
Show Details16min 36s
Episode 2: Running Back
Show Details18min 12s
Episode 1: Process and Quarterback
Show Details12min 34s
Fire On High Trailer
Show Details43s