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Paper Planes Podcast

What's up yall welcome to the Paper Planes Podcast. The point of this podcast is to share our personal growth and hopefully entertain at the same time. It's only up from here we promise :)


014 - Nigahiga, UberHaxorNova & High School Musical
Show Details1hr 37min
Show Details1hr 9min
012 - Ideal Fighting Physique, Introversion, & Getting Accidentally High
Show Details1hr 26min
011 - We Make Up Our Zombie Apocalypse Story
Show Details1hr 26min
010 - Ignorant Fight Talk, Rodtang Vs Mighty Mouse & Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
Show Details1hr 1min
009 - Growing Up Filipino-American & Soyo's Biggest Secret
Show Details1hr 11min
008 - Embarrassing Gym Stories, Car Accidents, & Asian Food Work
Show Details49min 52s
007 - Sleep Paralysis, UFOs, & Arachnophobia
Show Details1hr 7min
006 - Reacting to Paolo's First Boxing Match & School Fights
Show Details1hr 6min
005 - We take a look at the past..
Show Details1hr 6min
004 - Gym Humility, Setting Boundaries, & Leadership
Show Details1hr 10min
003 - Food Work, Transcending Complacency, & Kristian's Trauma
Show Details1hr 10min
002 - Cramps, Boxing Villains, & Soyo's Trauma
Show Details1hr 5min
001 - Paper Planes Pilot
Show Details1hr 4min