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Access more revenue without switching hosting providers.

Connect your podcast to OpenRAP and start earning

OpenRAP Connection

Keep your hosting, connect to RedCircle

By leveraging VAST, your podcast can seamlessly connect to RAP, enabling a stream of tailored, host-read ads directly into your content. Experience effortless monetization and incremental revenue, all while keeping your podcast right where it is.

OpenRAP Comparison

Add incremental host-read revenue, increase your fill rate

Connect OpenRAP and RedCircle’s proprietary host-read demand will work around your own placements. Fill out your open inventory with high CPM ads in your own voice. Accept the deals you want, you’re in control.

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Pending InviteAthletic Greens is offering $5,000 for a host-read ad placement.

Select the brands you want, skip the deals that don’t fit

Our team chases down deals and invites you to participate. Accept if you like the terms and the brand aligns, or decline and give us feedback so we can find a better fit. Want to manage an existing advertiser relationship yourself? Let us know who they are, and we’ll automatically exclude you from them in RAP.


Boost your host-read revenue.

Get up to $250* off of your first deal.SEE TERMS