• The Return from Hiatus Hell

    A very candid shoot interview from the host regarding his time off during the pandemic, and the future of MLW History!


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    26m | Sep 6, 2021
  • The History of Canadian Professional Wrestling (Part 2)

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    1h 4m | Dec 5, 2020
  • BONUS EP: RAW February 3, 1997 review

    Time Stamps Coming Soon!

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    1h 18m | Oct 27, 2020
  • BONUS EP: Kenny Omega: The Career Thus Far

    Intro: 00:00 - 2:45

    Explanations & Context: 2:45 - 8:27

    Background, Training, and Tragically Canadian Humble Beginnings:

    8:48 - 25:06

    CLIP: Kenny Omega vs. AJ Styles Highlights: 25:07 - 26:33

    Inspired to be Creative: 26:33 - 29:59

    CLIP: Omega vs. Ibushi Highlights: 30:00 - 31:13

    Carving Out his Legacy: 31:14 - 40:27

    Facts, Stats, my Opinion, Closing Thoughts, and Outro: 40:28 - 59:58

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    59m | Aug 25, 2020
  • Canada Day - In Pro Wrestling History (Remastered)

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    *Introduction [with disruptions] *

    0:00-5:38 - Just trying to be as real, informative and relatable so people aren’t wondering irrelevant things unrelated to the project. And for real y’all check out LOP Radio, Aftershock, Kingdom of Honor & the holier than thou WWF: The Legacy Series. Available through WrestlingHeadlines.com/Podcasts.

    *Understanding July 1st history with the good old facts, stats & trivial numbers.*

    5:38-12:32 - Featuring: Largest Attended Event on Canada Day, Oldest Recorded Match, Most Recent Match on Record, Number of Title Changes Occurring Today, Canada Day Tournament’s, All the PPV’s & Supercard’s, Exactly all the Televised Events, PRIDE FC, EMLL, CMLL, JWA, WXW, XCW, WRESTLE-1, NXT.

    *(First of many Song Breaks to come)*

    *Finally, the Cast at Last Gets to the Point!*


    Beginning with 1926…For reasons, I Cover the following:



    -Jack Curley Promotions-1935,

    -San Francisco Booking Office-1936,

    -NWA Mid-America-1946,

    -Eddie Quinn’s NWA Montreal Territory-1949,


    -Ending with Klondike / Stampede / Big Time Wrestling-1952.


    21:13-22:24 – 1 Minute Clip on Al Oeming.



    -Big Time Wrestling / Stampede-1954,

    -NWA Los Angeles Territory-1955,

    -Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance-1963,


    -NWA Hollywood / WWA-1965,


    -Big Time Wrestling-1966,




    Part 3: Canada Day Continued…


    -50th State Big Time Wrestling-1970, WWWF-1972 (Largest Attended Event in History),

    -International Wrestling Enterprise / IWE-1973,

    -NWA Hollywood-1976,

    -Western States Sports-1976,




    -Championship Wrestling from Florida-1979,


    -Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling-1982,

    -Stampede-1983 (British Bulldog’s first ever tag team match!)

    -Southwest Championship Wrestling-1984,



    *PART 4-4-4-4 Your July 1st Information*



    -JCP Great American Bash-1986

    -JCP Great American Bash-1987



    *The 90’s Through the New Millennium*





    -1991: The NATURE BOY QUITS WCW!!! (1:06:13-1:07:30)

    -F.A.M.E.-1993 [Quoting Chapter 12 from Ron Huchinson’s book: Pain, Torture & Agony.] (1:08:49-1:10:42)

    -WCW-1992 (Yeah I fucked up that chronological order for a moment there.)

    -WWF RAW-1994


    -All Japan Pro Wrestling-1995

    -ECW-1995 [with Hardcore Heaven audio highlights to switch up the pace.] (1:18:10-1:28:50)

    -WCW Monday Nitro-1996 [CLIP: N.W.O. Name dropped before Bash at the Beach ’96] (1:28:49-1:30:18)

    -WCW Thunder-1998 [CLIP: Classic Le Champion promo] (1:31:40-1:34:06)

    -ECW House Show-1999

    -Big Japan Pro Wrestling / Combat Zone Wrestling-2000

    -ECW House Show-2000


    *Regretting my Life’s Decision to Continue Podcasting – July 1st ’01 –‘20*


    -WWF Raw House Show-2001

    -WWE RAW-2002 (The Return of Chris Benoit)

    -WWE Smackdown-2003 [CLIP: John Cena vs. Billy Gunn – Full Match] (1:48:28-1:56:09) + Vince McMahon Fires Mr. America Hulk Hogan

    -Pro Wrestling Zero-1 -2004

    -IWA Mid-South-2005

    -OVW Summer Sizzler Series-2005

    -Chapman Promotions-2006

    -Rob Van Dam & Sabu get pulled over by a State Trooper and *CHARGED”* not *ARRESTED* my bad.

    -Ring of Honor Respect is Earned-2007

    -WWE Smackdown-2008 [CLIP: HHH Makes me Laugh] (2:05:30-2:06:36)

    -TNA Basebrawl-2011

    -New Japan & All Japan Pro: All Together 40th Anniversary Show-2012

    -CZW Dojo Wars-2015

    -WWE Live Event-2016

    -WWE Live Event-2017

    -NJPW G1 Special in the USA-2017

    -Rev-Pro Wrestling & NJPW: Strong Style UK-2018

    -WWE RAW-2019

    -AEW Dark + Fyter Fest Dynamite-2020

    -NXT Great American Bash (both weeks)-2020

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    2h 23m | Aug 12, 2020
  • The History of [Canadian] Professional Wrestling (Remastered)

    Ending at 1900 - Listen to the Pilot & Email the show at MapleLeafPod@gmail.com if you want to get your s*** in.


    INTRO (00:00-2:00)

    A 24-Year-Old Breaks Down the True North for the Misunderstood (2:45-4:20)

    Some Quick Facts & Stats (4:21-5:35)

    What a Mindf*** (5:36-6:16)

    Trying to Explain this Mindf*** (6:17-7:06)

    A Couple More Facts and Stats About Quebec (7:07-8:38)

    Thought I Was Done? Nope, More Facts (8:40-11:18)

    A Quick PSA on Littering and… (11:18-11:41)

    After Painting You This Bob Ross Word Picture of Canada, I Actually

    Begin to Dig Through the Crates (11:56-12:42)

    Delving into the History of Wrestling (12:43-28:28)

    Native American History & Comedy (17:00-18:56)

    Breaking Down Wrestling Styles of the Past (19:00-27:29)

    Horseback Style [Google it.] (19:45-21:02)

    “It’s a f****** Work Y’all, and it Had to be…” (25:25-26:32)

     Me Reading a Scroll of all the Known Wrestling Holds (27:29-28:28)

    CANADIAN JOKE BREAK (29:39-32:18)

    What I Could Find on the Earliest Documented Matches in Canada / N.A. (32:19-36:00)



    Did You Really Think I Ran Out of Facts and Stats that Fast? (36:03-38:35)

    Real Canadian Sports (36:47-38:35)

    Who I Believe Booked the First Wrestling Matches in Toronto (38:44-40:14)

    A Canadian Wrestling Championship? (40:15-41:05)

    No Biggie… (41:50-42:56)

    The RUNDOWN: Dan McLeod (43:19-48:54)

    ….The American Heavyweight Championship…. Why? (44:31-47:57)


    The RUNDOWN: Louis Cyr [A “MUST LISTEN” SEGMENT] (47:57-


    OUTRO (56:36-58:10)

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    58m | Jul 9, 2020
  • Introductory Pilot: Behind the Screen

    I'll admit that this was a little weird at first talking to a screen and pretending to have listeners. But after about 5 minutes, I get into the groove. Hope you all enjoy. And that's MapleLeafPod@gmail.com

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    33m | Jun 22, 2020
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